Septic tank cleaning service – An Overview

In rural areas, most of the people install septic tanks in their houses as they do not have access to the sewage system. Septic tanks are widely used to collect the sewage waste that comes from bathrooms, lavatories, washing stations, and kitchen. There are mostly two types of septic tanks available in the market. One is cement container and the other is plastic container.Checkout portable toilet rental for more info.

Cement septic containers are large in size and most of the house owners prefer to install these containers. Plastic containers are used when there is no enough space for installation of huge cement septic system. Simply installing the system and using it will never make that system work for long-term. Every septic tank holder should have the minimum knowledge on this system for effective maintenance and to avoid major septic issues.

There are few simple precautions to be followed by sewage system holders to avoid repair and replacement. The cost of septic tank cleaning and pumping will be pretty expensive. One can reduce the cost by effective maintenance. One of the most important tips to avoid sewage issues is to “Conserve Water”.

Reduce the usage of water that can minimize the risk of frequent sewage pumping. If more water dumped into the tank, then more frequently septic tank pumping is required. Avoid dumping solid waste into the container. It is better to have a garbage disposal container for putting all the heavy solid waste materials. If you continue to dump solid waste materials, it leads to the blockages and clogging in drain field or leach field.

Stop using chemical substances for cleaning or pumping your sewage tank. Most of the chemicals will kill bacteria that exist in the container. These bacteria are useful for cutting down or breaking the heavy solid sludge to tiny particles for free passage into the septic pipes. In general, an average sewage tank should be pumped or cleaned at least once in a couple of years.

The time schedules of cleaning and pumping varies according to the size of the container, number of people staying in the house, and average number of gallons of water dumped into the tank. One should also avoid putting heavy load on the sewage container. This can break the container and you may need to replace with new container.